KeyLogic ID Pro Reflasher

KeyLogic ID Pro Reflasher

KeyLogic ID Pro Reflasher

These days, transponder keys can be programmed to cars fairly easily by plugging a key programmer into a standard diagnostic port. Some older vehicles with transponder systems, though, weren’t build to add more keys when all the original keys have been lost or damaged. Sometimes programming a key with a diagnostic tool requires a code that is difficult to get. And sometimes traditional methods to program keys just will not work. In these cases, working with the electronics of the vehicle directly becomes necessary. Reflash/EEPROM work can be intimidating, but like so many other things in the locksmithing world, with the right tools and training, it can be a very easy and lucrative skill.

In the past, reflashers for the automotive locksmithing industry have been difficult to use and expensive to get. Newer tools such as the Blue Penloader or EZ Flasher have done a great job in simplifying the process. Unfortunately, they have also removed powerful features of traditional EEPROM programmers and still remained out of reach for most locksmiths on a budget.

Now, KeyLogic brings the power of EEPROM programmers to security professionals in a kit that is low cost and simple to use with detailed, step-by-step instructions with supportive photographs and videos.

Overview of KeyLogic’s ID Pro Reflasher


What Comes with the ID Pro Reflasher


id=pro-main-reflasher-unit ID Pro Main Reflasher Unit
SOIC-8-Leg-PCB-Board-Wire-Ribbon SOIC 8 Leg PCB Board Wire & Ribbon
(Connects the main unit to the GoKlip Head or Clips)
GoKlip-Head GoKlip Head
5250-SOIC8-Pomona-Clip 5250/SOIC8 Pomona Clip
DIP8-Clip-for-Sequoia-Chip DIP8 Clip for Sequoia Chip
Grounding-Micrograbber Grounding Micrograbber
(Use to Ground Pin on Sequoia and 1997 LS400)
Toyota-Lexus-OBD2-Resync-tool Toyota/Lexus OBD2 Resync tool
Toyota-Lexus-OBD2-Quick-Reset-Tool Toyota/Lexus OBD2 Quick Reset Tool
(TOY44D/TOY50 Key Programmer)
usb-data-cable USB Data Cable
Hard-Carrying-Case Hard Carrying Case

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